About Us

Welcome to Online Gourmet Portugal Shop - a project that aims to ally gourmet products with art and culture.
Here you will find a space to discover products of excelent quality, gourmet flavors and new products that respect environmental susteinability e high quality control criteria.  
We have an online store with extensive offers - from biscuits, jams, wines, olive oil and biological products, that you can comfortably receive at home.
Specially for 2014, we thought of an offer that allows you to explore new flavors, pamper someone special and get to know cretive gourmet products. 

We are advertising Gourmet Portugal shop and would appreciate your sincere opinions, comments or suggestions that you can send to comercial@gourmetportugalshop.com

If you have any ideas about how we can make our website and products more interesting, please, contact us.


Creative-Gourmet Team