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Green Wine

The Vinho Verde Demarcated Region extends throughout the northwest of Portugal, in the area traditionally known as Entre-Douro-e-Minho.

Its limits are in the north the river Minho, which establishes part of the border with Spain, in the south the river Douro and the Freita, Arada and Montemuro mountains, in the east the Peneda, Gerês, Cabreira and Marão mountains and in the west the Ocean Atlantic.

In terms of geographical area is the largest Portuguese Demarcated Region, and one of the largest in Europe

White green wines have a citrine or straw color, rich, fruity and floral aromas, depending on the varieties that give rise to them. In the mouth are harmonious, intense and show a great freshness.

Rosy Green Wines reveal a slightly rosy or laden color, young, fresh aromas reminiscent of red fruits. The taste is harmonious, fresh and persistent.

Red Green Wines are intense red in color and sometimes pink or bright red foam, vinous aroma, with emphasis on wild fruits. In the mouth they are fresh and intense, very gastronomic.

With a moderate alcohol content and therefore less calorie, Vinho Verde is a fruity, easy-to-drink wine, great as an aperitif or in combination with light and balanced meals: salads, fish, shellfish, white meat, snacks, sushi, sashimi and others. international dishes.